In Plain Sight: Zits

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Everyone who went to high school knows what it's like to wake up with a major zit in the middle of your face.

Well, almost everyone. Amber Johnson never had zits. She had it made.

Or did she?

Amber never sat home on a Friday night. But she also never had the incredibly gross but weirdly satisfying thrill of popping a zit.

Hah. Sorry, Amber.

Gotta love that technique.

A finger on each side.

And squeeze.

Keep going.

You've got it.

And pow!

Thar she blows, matey.

Disgusting, of course.

Yet too irresistible to avert your eyes.

When you pop a zit, you're actually ripping open your flash, allowing a little pocket of pus under your skin that contains oils and bacteria to erupt from your body like an awesome teeny-tiny volcano.

Another common zit is the blackhead, which is black because the blocked pore is open.

Add pressure on both sides and purge that black-topped eyesore from your face.

Look at that.

Like squeezing a tube of toothpaste, if toothpaste was gross and nasty.

While a visual feast for the eyes, picking at a zit can leave a scar.

And the spouting pus can land on other pores, creating more zits. The best thing to do with a zit? Leave it alone.

Most of them will heal themselves in three to seven days.

So basically, the awesome thing we had that Amber Johnson didn't is something we shouldn't even do. Amber.