Understanding Eczema -- Prevention

How Can I Prevent Eczema?

There is no cure for eczema, but there are a few things you can do to lessen your risk and prevent flare-ups.

If your baby is at risk of eczema because of a family history, it is best to breastfeed him or her exclusively for the first three months of life, or longer if possible.

Doctors advise continuing breast milk for at least up to six months (preferably one year) as you introduce your baby to solid food. Babies should also be protected from such potential allergens as pet hair, mites, and molds.

If you have eczema, try to keep stress to a minimum and take time for yourself to relax.

Get regular exercise. It can help to control stress and increase circulation.

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Debra Jaliman, MD on May 17, 2019


SOURCE: American Academy of Dermatology. Nemours Foundation.

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