The Truth About Calcium

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You've heard that calcium is good for your bones. But what does it actually do? Let's find out the truth about calcium.

Is calcium really good for your body? You bet your bones it is. You need calcium to keep your bones strong as you age. Plus your heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium. Calcium may also help with monthly menstrual cramps because it's believed to relieve muscle tension that causes the pain.

But isn't milk just for kids? No, everyone needs calcium, including adults. And one of the best ways to get it is from dairy products. Low fat yogurt, milk, and cheese are all good options. Plus you need even more calcium as you age. So milk can be a great choice for many adults.

Can I still get calcium from foods if I don't eat dairy? Of course. You can get calcium from other foods as well. Leafy greens, tofu, canned salmon, and broccoli all have your back. But watch out for caffeinated drinks and high salt foods, because they can interfere with calcium absorption in the body. Drink your morning coffee in moderation and consider limiting sodas.

With so many foods rich in calcium, keeping your bones strong throughout your life is even easier than you may have thought.