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Understanding Kidney Disease -- Treatment

What Are the Treatments for Kidney Disease? continued...

Both types of dialysis have possible complications and risks, including infection. The stress of repeatedly having to do dialysis can also take its toll on emotional well-being.

Kidney Transplant

People with advanced kidney disease often opt for a kidney transplant to avoid a lifetime of repeated dialysis and to improve their quality of life. A "matching" kidney may come from a family member or unrelated person, or be donated by the family of a recently deceased person.

New anti-rejection drugs and improved follow-up care have greatly increased the success rate for kidney transplants. However, not everyone with kidney disease is a candidate for a transplant; previous medical conditions or age may prevent someone from getting a transplant. For more information about kidney transplants and organ donation, see your local office of the National Kidney Foundation.


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Reviewed by Kimball Johnson, MD on March 22, 2014

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