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Emergency Asthma Treatment

Emergencies and Your Asthma Action Plan continued...

Most important, your written asthma action plan spells out what you should do in an asthma emergency.

Since every person's asthma is different, you need to have a custom-tailored asthma emergency treatment plan.

Your plan might include the following steps:

  • Use your emergency inhaler as prescribed.
  • Take a peak flow reading if you can.
  • Get to an emergency room or call 911.

Don't delay. Waiting too long to get asthma emergency treatment can be deadly.

An asthma action plan should also include:

  • Your name
  • The name and number of your family doctor
  • The name and number of your local hospital
  • Your personal best peak flow meter reading
  • A list of your asthma triggers
  • A list of asthma symptoms
  • The names and doses of your medications

Make sure you always know where your asthma action plan is. Your family -- and maybe even roommates and close friends -- should know where to find it too. It will tell them what to do in case you ever need asthma emergency treatment and can't help yourself.

Remember to keep your asthma action plan up-to-date. Your medicines, your doctor, and your personal triggers are likely to change over time. So look over your action plan once in a while to make sure it's still accurate.


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Reviewed by Kimball Johnson, MD on July 04, 2012

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