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Your Face in Your 50s and Beyond continued...

"The 50s and 60s is also when the effects of gravity really kick in. So in addition to treating lines and wrinkles, you also need to focus on treatments that tighten the skin," Goldberg says.

Best Self-Care: Increase the use of rich moisturizers, such as shea butter, and if you've been a soap-and-water girl, Marmur says stop immediately and start using a gentle nondrying cleanser on your face and neck. And, she says, continue using retinol products five to six times per week.

Best Pro Care: If you haven't tried Botox wrinkle filling injections or Fraxel laser treatments in the past, experts say this is the decade to jump into the fountain of youth. It's also the best time to consider skin-tightening treatments like Thermage or Titan -- nonsurgical ways of lifting the skin. Thermage uses radiofrequency and Titan uses infrared light to promote skin tightening.

In fact, some experts say if this is something you've been considering, once you hit 50, sooner is better than later.

"If you haven't done a skin-tightening treatment by the time you are 60, then most of the time it's too late," Goldberg says. "You won't get the desired effect, and the only other option will be a facelift." Other experts caution that procedures such as thermage and titan are expensive and have had disappointing results.

But while facelifts are an option, they do require major surgery, including the use of anesthesia, plus they are costly procedures that come with weeks of downtime. Goldberg also reminds you that you can only have one or two lifts in a lifetime. So it's best to hold off as long as you can, using other, nonsurgical options to buy more time.

Says Goldberg: "We're all living longer, so the earlier you start professional care, the younger you'll look as the years advance."