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Quick Weight-Loss Plans: What You Need to Know

Can fad diets ever work?

Are Quick Weight-Loss Plans Ever OK? continued...

"As long as you limit your time on the diet, and you follow up with a sensible, low-calorie eating plan to take you the rest of the way, the fad diet could be a good way to start your weight-loss engine," says Birkenfeld.

Some doctors also think it's OK to use a quick weight-loss diet as a temporary jump-start, especially if your health depends on losing weight.

"If your cholesterol, blood sugar, or blood pressure is very high, then not only can these diets help to get some weight off fast, doing so, and seeing the results, may encourage you to pursue a more sensible weight-loss plan and to stick with it," says Stephen Sondike, MD, director of the Nutrition and Wellness Program at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

In all instances, he says, the key to weight-loss success lies in using the fad diet for initial weight loss only, then immediately switching to a more sensible, low-calorie eating plan that is both safe and enjoyable for long-term use.

"What also makes a major difference is having a maintenance diet in mind -- a plan that you can really live with, featuring foods you like to eat and are easy to prepare. That's the only way you can keep the weight off," Sondike says.

Indeed, studies show that even if you've lost weight following a sensible eating plan, you're likely to regain weight if you go back to your previous eating habits.

How To Spot a Fad Diet

Though it's sometimes obvious which diets are fads, it's also easy to be fooled, especially if the diet is supported by a professional-looking web site or written by an author who appears to have solid credentials.

"Too often these very legitimate-looking venues are devised by people with little or no experience in nutrition or weight control, so don't fall for a handful of testimonials by people who won't even give their last name as proof that a diet works or that it is safe," Moore says.

Another misleading factor, says Holland, is how long a particular quick weight-loss plan has been around.

"Just because a diet has longevity doesn't mean it has long-term usefulness for you," Holland says.

So how can you tell if your weight-loss plan is a fad or a sensible eating program that can help you reach your dieting goals? The experts interviewed by WebMD offered some guidelines. A weight-loss plan is probably a fad diet if:

  • The menu features extremely limited food choices, such as only grapefruits and melon for fruits, or rice and pasta for starches.
  • You must cut out an entire food group, like carbohydrates.
  • You choose your meals from only one food group, maybe all protein or all carbohydrates.
  • The diet eliminates all fats.
  • It promises ultra-fast weight loss, a pound per day or more.
  • The diet is used to sell a product, such as herbal weight-loss pills or a specific food.
  • The weight-loss claims are based on unproven science, such as the idea that combining certain foods can cause you to gain or lose weight.
  • The diet's promoters put down traditional medical experts by saying that doctors don't understand the way the program works.
  • The promoters make claims that sound too good to be true -- you can lose weight while you sleep or eat lots of fattening foods and still lose weight.
  • The explanation of how the diet works is simplistic, and promoters say that the true explanation is too complex for most people to understand.

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