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    Naughty & Nice Holiday Food

    8 holiday foods offer surprising health benefits. Is your favorite one of them?

    Diet & Exercise for Fit Festivities

    10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Holiday food temptations: Do you know the key to control?

    Fitness Tips for Healthy Holidays

    Wage war on holiday weight gain. These exercise & diet tips show you how.

    Food & Drink: Healthier Seasonal Celebrations

    Recipe Makeovers: Top Tips for Low-Fat Holiday Food
    You better watch out -- 'tis the season for fatty holiday foods. Here's how to lighten festive goodies -- and still keep the traditional taste.
    Hot and Healthy Holiday Drinks to Fix in a Flash
    Cider and cinnamon. Mulled wine. Minty hot chocolate. Warm up with these recipes for something hot and soothing this season.
    Simple Strategies for a Healthy Holiday Free of Hangovers
    Enjoyed too much bubbly? Imbibed a bit too much eggnog? Halt a hangover before it starts with these tried-and-true remedies.
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