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    Questions for Your Doctor

    1. 1.What's causing my chronic constipation?
    2. 2.What can I take to ease constipation?
    3. 3.What else should I do to stay regular?

    Natural Relief for Constipation

    Dietary Fiber: The Natural Solution for Constipation
    Fiber helps keep you regular and manage weight. Which foods give you this powerhouse nutrient? Are fiber supplements just as good?
    Water: A Fluid Way to Manage Constipation
    Water is key to coping with constipation. But not all fluids are helpful. Juice, Soda, Coffee, Tea: Which do more harm than good?
    Exercise: Curing Constipation Through Movement
    A little exercise does a lot to relieve constipation. What's the best type of exercise? Here are three tips to help keep your digestive system healthy.
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