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    Throwing a fabulous holiday party? If you want people to have a good time, but you also want to keep things on the healthier side, you can still win over your guests. Cement your status as a legendary host or hostess with these 10 surefire tips.

    1. Offer a signature guilt-free drink. Make a cocktail with a small amount of alcohol.Not only is alcohol packed with empty calories, it can also lower your guests’ control, increasing the chances they’ll overdo it at the buffet table.

    You don't have to go with grog or nog -- a low-calorie wine spritzer can work just as well, says Bethany Thayer, director of the Henry Ford Health System’s Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Detroit.

    Mix up some wine with club soda or diet citrus soda, add a splash of low-cal juice (think cranberry), and a pretty piece of fruit, like a raspberry. Give it a catchy name, and you’ll have a festive drink that won’t derail anyone’s diet.

    2. Use only teeny-tiny plates. Your guests can’t load up with piles of food if it’s not physically possible, says dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic, president of Nutrition Today with Amy J.

    Giving a dinner party? Set out 8-inch plates. “The holidays are a great time to use that vintage china, since plates used to be much smaller!” Jamieson-Petonic says.

    3. Skip the chips, scale back the dips. Make vegetables the star of your tablescape by cutting them into fun shapes or offering them on skewers. “Not only will the water content of the veggies start to make guests feel full -- all that chewing will slow them down,” Thayer says. Just don't add high-fat, high-calorie dips.

    4. Create a food-free zone. Serve food in one room only, leaving the rest of your home free for socializing.

    If guests take a plate and relocate to another area, they’re apt to get chatty and forget about refilling their plate.

    5. Serving protein? Go lean. Consider fish or turkey for your main dish. If you opt for turkey, be sure to avoid skin. And choose a low-fat cooking method. Roast it on a rack, Thayer says, and the majority of the fat just drips away.

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