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CDC: Illness From E. coli Is Declining

Health Officials Say Federal Goals Have Been Met for Reduction in E. coli Infections

Oyster-Related Illness Increasing

Other highlights of the annual FoodNet report include:

  • Food safety officials could not explain why illnesses related to vibrio bacteria have increased by 85% since reporting begin. Raw and uncooked oysters are the most common cause of vibrio illness. 
  • Other than E. coli, the only significant decline in recent years has been in shigella infections. Some shigella is transmitted by food, but most infections come from person-to-person contact. Child day-care centers are common sources of infection. 
  • For most infections, the illness rate was highest among children under the age of 4, but people over 50 had the highest rates of hospitalization and death.

Goldman says food preparers can have a big impact on food-borne illness by following the U.S. Department of Agriculture's food safety advice to cook, separate, clean, and chill.

This means:

  • Cook all foods to a safe internal temperature to destroy bacteria.
  • Separate cooked and uncooked foods, as well as those eaten raw and those cooked before eating. 
  • Clean your hands and work surfaces frequently while cooking. 
  • Chill foods that need refrigeration and never let these foods sit at room temperature for more than one or two hours.



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