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    50+: Live Better, Longer

    Videos Related to Healthy Seniors

    1. Best Ways to Prep

      What you can do to prepare for your operation and your recovery, from food to fitness.

    2. Healthy Eating: Meal Solutions

      Provide tasty, healthy meals for your senior.

    3. Healthy Eating: Low Appetite

      Learn the importance of nutrition for your senior.

    4. Success With Medications

      Medication tips for caregivers.

    5. Daily Hygiene

      Learn the value and importance of hygiene for seniors.

    6. Helping a Declining Mind

      Learn to work with seniors with dementia.

    7. Does Sexual Desire Wane at Age 50?

      Dr Ruth explains why losing desire for sex after 50 is not automatic.

    8. Preparing for a Colonoscopy

      The ins and outs of a colonoscopy.

    9. Recapture the Excitement as a Couple

      In for the long haul? "Dr. Ruth" explains how to keep a relationship exciting over the years.

    10. Suddenly Single? Ask "Dr. Ruth".

      Dr. Ruth tells suddenly single women how to get out in the world again.

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