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    1. 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Heart Failure

      If you've been diagnosed with heart failure, you might want to ask your doctor these questions.

    2. Heart Failure and Biventricular Pacemakers

      WebMD explains when and how a biventricular pacemaker is used as a treatment for heart failure.

    3. Plant-Based Diet for Heart Health

      For a healthy heart, add plants to your diet. Learn how to get started.

    4. When to Call the Doctor About Your Heart Failure

      If you have heart failure and get any of these symptoms, give your doctor a call.

    5. Heart Failure and ACE Inhibitors

      ACE inhibitors are drugs often used to treat heart failure. Learn how they work.

    6. Helping Your Loved One With Heart Disease Eat Right

      WebMD explains how important healthy eating is for people with heart disease. Here's an overview of a heart-healthy diet.

    7. Caregiving After Surgery for Heart Failure

      If you are caring for someone with heart failure who has had heart surgery, these tips may help you help them recover and heal.

    8. Are You on Your Way to Caregiver Burnout?

      Learn the symptoms of caregiver burnout, and find out what you can do to prevent it.

    9. Is It Heart Failure or a Heart Attack?

      Find out the differences in causes and symptoms of heart failure and a heart attack.

    10. Heart Disease and Heart Attacks

      Learn what happens during a heart attack, including information about symptoms and treatment.

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