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Heart Disease Health Center

Medical Reference Related to Heart Disease

  1. Heart Disease Medications

    A list of common heart disease medications from WebMD.

  2. Anatomy and Circulation of the Heart

    Learn about the heart and and how it works from WebMD.

  3. Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Could you be a candidate for cardiac rehab? WebMD tells you how to choose a rehab program if you have a heart condition, or have had heart surgery or a heart attack.

  4. Heart Disease and the Head-Up Tilt Table Test

    WebMD tells you how a head-up tilt table test can help doctors find the cause of fainting spells.

  5. Tests for Heart Disease

    WebMD's list of tests used to diagnose heart disease.

  6. Heart Attack: What to Expect in the Emergency Room

    If you or someone you love has a suspected heart attack, find out from WebMD what you can expect at the emergency room and how to prepare yourself.

  7. Women and Coronary Artery Disease - Topic Overview

    Why is it important for women to learn about coronary artery disease?Many women underestimate the threat coronary artery disease (CAD) poses to their health. Coronary artery disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. Yet in an American Heart Association survey, 50% of women replied that they still considered cancer their biggest health threat. Only 13% cited coronary artery ..

  8. Peripheral Vascular Disease

    Peripheral vascular disease is any disease or disorder of the circulatory system outside of the brain and heart.

  9. Change in Heartbeat - Topic Overview

    Your heart normally beats in a regular rhythm and rate that is just right for the work your body is doing at any moment.

  10. Change in Heartbeat - Preparing For Your Appointment

    To prepare for your appointment,see the topic Making the Most of Your Appointment. You can help your doctor diagnose and treat your condition by being prepared to answer the following questions: Do you have a history of problems with your heart rate or rhythm? If so: Did you see a doctor? What was the diagnosis? What tests were done? How was it treated? When did you first notice the change in ...

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