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  1. Circumcision Cuts HIV Risk

    Oct. 9, 2003 -- Circumcised men get eight times fewer HIV infections, a study of Indian men shows. But men without foreskins shouldn't stop using condoms, warns Johns Hopkins researcher Steven J. Reynolds, MD, MPH. "Condoms are still essential for HIV prevention," Reynolds tells WebMD. "You can't ta

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  2. Could Lymph Node Removal Slow HIV?

    Sept. 18, 2003 -- Early HIV infection is centered in just a few upper-body lymph nodes. The finding suggests a radical AIDS therapy: Surgery. The new discovery is surprising. And it's still unexplained. Two teams of researchers find that the focal points of early HIV infection are the lymph nodes on

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  3. Better AIDS Treatment but More Risky Sex

    Sept. 16, 2003 -- Advances in the treatment of AIDS have lulled many people -- HIV infected or not -- into a false sense of security, but there's a very real risk of danger. Two new studies published this month suggest that more people are engaging in unsafe sex and other behaviors, under the mistak

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  4. New Way To Protect Women from HIV

    Sept. 10, 2003 -- A woman's normal-occurring vaginal bacteria give her natural protection from infection. Now researchers say these friendly bacteria can be engineered to protect against the HIV virus. It's one of those why-didn't-anyone-think-of-this-before ideas. Helpful bacteria called lactobacil

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  5. 6 Months Key to Predicting HIV Prognosis

    Aug. 28, 2003 -- When it comes to predicting how someone with HIV is going to do in the long run, it's best to wait until six months after the start of HIV treatment. In fact, researchers found that initial blood tests may be less important than improvements achieved during the first months of HIV t

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  6. Drug Strategy Won't Stop HIV Resistance

    Aug. 27, 2003 -- A strategy called structured treatment interruption (STI) won't outwit drug-resistant HIV, a new study shows. The finding crushes hope for a bold plan to help patients for whom all existing anti-HIV drugs are failing. The idea was to extend the life of these drugs by stopping treatm

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  7. HIV Drug Resistance Not Patients' Fault

    Aug. 20, 2003 -- You can't blame patients for HIV drug resistance. The AIDS virus is notoriously good at becoming resistant to anti-HIV drugs. It's common to blame patients who don't take their drugs exactly as prescribed. But that's wrong, a new study suggests. Study leader David R. Bangsberg, MD,

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  8. CDC: HIV/AIDS Statistics Up in America

    July 25, 2003 -- Nearly 1 million people are living with HIV and AIDS in the U.S. today. In fact, the number of newly diagnosed cases has increased -- and many infected people don't know they have HIV. Those most at risk for infection: People of color, young teens, drug users, and gay men who meet s

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  9. Many HIV-Positive People Don't Disclose

    May 29, 2003 -- Most HIV-positive people tell their sexual partners about their infection, but new research shows a disturbing number of people don't ask and don't tell when it comes to HIV status. The study found 13% of HIV-positive adults fail to disclose their status before engaging in unprotecte

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  10. Assisted Reproduction Works for HIV+ Men

    May 28, 2003 -- Men with HIV infection have a good chance of fathering a baby via assisted reproduction. But assisted reproduction isn't nearly as likely to help HIV-positive women get pregnant, a French study suggests. Can couples safely have a baby if one member has HIV infection and the other doe

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