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  1. FDA issues Warning on HIV Drug Viramune

    Jan. 20, 2005 -- The FDA has issued a public health advisory warning patients and doctors about the side effects of a common drug used to treat people infected with HIV. The drug, Viramune, may lead to liver damage or death in people with higher counts of immune system cells called CD4 cells. Also c

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  2. Imperfect HIV Drug Use Raises Resistance Risk

    Jan. 13, 2005 (New York) -- People infected with HIV who take their medications most but not all of the time may be up to four times more likely to develop drug resistance. Drug resistance renders even the most effective HIV drugs helpless at controlling the virus. A major new Canadian study shows t

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  3. New Approach May Flush Out Hard-to-Treat HIV

    Jan. 3, 2005 -- An experimental treatment may help coax out hard-to-treat HIV-infected cells and improve the effectiveness of currently available treatments. Researchers say recent advances in HIV treatments have lead to dramatic improvements in the health of many HIV-infected people. Many of those

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  4. U.N.: ABCs of HIV Prevention Failing Women

    Dec. 1, 2004 - The "ABC" method of HIV prevention is failing too many women, say groups including the United Nations agency set up to fight AIDS. The groups say that programs relying on abstinence, being faithful, and condom use -- the so-called ABC method of prevention -- don't serve the realities

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  5. Huge Racial Differences Remain in HIV, AIDS

    Dec. 1, 2004 -- Minorities remain vastly more vulnerable than whites to HIV and AIDS, according to a new CDC report released Wednesday. Blacks accounted for more than half of all new HIV and AIDS cases diagnosed in the U.S. between 2000 and 2003. The figures, taken from surveys in 32 states, estimat

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  6. Nicotine May Help Treat Sepsis

    Oct. 25, 2004 -- The active ingredient in tobacco may actually have a beneficial effect on the body in treating a common and potentially deadly type of infection process known as sepsis, new research shows. Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in developed countries and accounts for nearly 9%

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  7. Elderly Women Know Little on HIV Transmission

    Oct. 14, 2004 -- Older women, revered for their bedroom prowess in movies like The Graduate and American Pie, may not be any wiser when it comes to knowing about HIV transmission, according to a survey in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The researchers conducting fa

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  8. Drug Shows Early Hope in HIV Prevention

    Oct. 14, 2004 -- A new chemical is showing early effectiveness in blocking sexual transmission of the AIDS virus in animals, giving researchers some hope that they may have found a new method of HIV prevention in humans, according to a study released Thursday. The chemical, known as PSC-RANTES, reli

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  9. Infection Risk From Blood, Tissues Now Tiny

    Aug. 18, 2004 -- You've now got a near-zero chance of getting HIV or hepatitis C from a blood transfusion or tissue graft, new studies show. But is this extra safety worth the extra cost? In the early 1980s, there wasn't any way to tell whether a blood transfusion carried the deadly AIDS virus. What

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  10. 2 New Combo AIDS Pills Get FDA Nod

    Aug. 3, 2004 -- The FDA has approved two new two-in-one AIDS drugs. For people taking the lifesaving medicines, that means fewer pills and less complicated drug schedules. Easier to take means fewer missed doses. And missed doses, for whatever reason, are a big problem. Give the virus even a small c

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