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    Questions to Ask Your Doctor About HIV/AIDS

    Before you visit your health care provider, get prepared. That means having either a written or memorized medical history, including illnesses, surgeries, and current medications, at the ready. You might feel rushed and forget to ask important questions, so writing them down beforehand is a good idea, as is taking notes during the visit.

    WebMD has prepared questions you may want to print out to ask your doctor at your next appointment:

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    1. Are you experienced in the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS?

    2. What can I do to improve my health and delay the onset of medical problems connected with HIV?

    3. In what ways should I change my day-to-day life?

    4. How physically active can I be with HIV or AIDS?

    5. What are the signs of complications or opportunistic infections?

    6. What can I do to prevent opportunistic infections?

    7. What can I do to prevent others from becoming infected with my HIV?

    8. Do I have to take the medication if I'm feeling well?

    9. How do you determine which drugs I should be taking?

    10. How will we monitor my immune system's health?

    WebMD 10 Questions

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