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Test Your Colitis IQ

Confused by ulcerative colitis? Take our true/false quiz to boost your UC smarts.


True. Even though symptoms can come and go, work with your doctor to find the best way to control flares. If they occur, you can take action immediately to find relief.


6. Eating particular foods does not cause UC, but may worsen symptoms.
 True    False

True. A common misconception is that certain foods, such as fried or spicy items, cause UC. Not true. However, people with ulcerative colitis may notice more symptoms with certain foods, especially during a flare-up. Many people keep a food diary to help identify individual triggers.


7. Stress does not cause UC, but it can worsen symptoms.

True or False

True. There is no evidence that stress causes UC, but being under stress can contribute to symptoms. People under stress can also get run down, and this, too, can aggravate the symptoms. 


8. Most people with UC eventually will need to have their colon removed.

True or False

False. For most people, treatment can control UC. But up to about a third of people with UC may have to undergo surgery at some point if they develop severe symptoms that are difficult to control, serious complications, or a precancerous condition. Removing the colon, however, does completely cure UC.


9. Most people who have UC eventually will develop colon cancer.

True or False

False. Having UC or Crohn’s disease increases the risk of developing colorectal cancer, but most people (more than 90%) with inflammatory bowel disease don’t develop cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that people with UC and Crohn’s have a screening colonoscopy eight years after diagnosis if the entire large intestine is involved, and 12 to 15 years after diagnosis if only the left part of it is affected. Follow-up colonoscopy screening should occur every one to two years after that. 



Reviewed on September 28, 2011

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