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    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Health Center

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    Top 10 Videos of 2008: Readers' Choice

    Here are the 10 most viewed videos this year.

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    Self-improvement was on the minds of WebMD's video viewers this year, who wanted information on losing weight, lowering their cholesterol, and exercising their way to awesome abs.

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    Treatment for IBS With Constipation (IBS-C)

    There's no single, best approach to treating IBS-C. Often, people use a mix of therapies to get relief. They can include changes in diet, exercise, stress management, and medication. The goal of treatment is more than just easing bowel problems. It's also to soothe the stomachaches, pain, and bloating that are also common symptoms of IBS-C. Don't try to treat yourself without talking with your doctor. You need to be sure IBS-C is the cause of your symptoms. And there are health risks that come...

    Read the Treatment for IBS With Constipation (IBS-C) article > >

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