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    Back Protection at Home continued...

    “Some things, you just can’t lift,” says Polivka. “Know your limits.” If you’re using the right posture to lift something and still feel pain in your back or joints, stop lifting. Ask a second person for help. If you have to maneuver very heavy objects frequently, use a hand truck for assistance.

    You can also utilize tools to help around the house. Try using knee mats for scrubbing floors or weeding the garden, paint rollers or dusters with extendable handles so you don’t have to lift your arms awkwardly over your head to reach high spots, and a good old-fashioned step ladder. “Bring everything close to you before you move it,” says Polivka. “Don’t reach up to the top shelf of the china cabinet to pull down the heavy glass punch bowl you only use once a year for company. Get the stepladder or stepstool and get it close to you before you lift it and carry it down.”

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