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    All About Warts Treatments and Children

    Warts: Home Remedies and Treatments
    Sometimes simple duct tape works. Other times, you may need a wart remover from the drug store. A few warts require prescription medicine.
    What's Up With Warts on Children?
    Children get warts much more often than adults. And girls get warts more often than boys. Why? What should a parent do?

    Warts FAQ: 10 Answers to Common Questions

    1. 1.How do you get warts?
    2. 2.Can warts spread from one part of my body to another?
    3. 3.Are warts contagious?
    4. 4.Can warts be prevented?

    Causes and Types of Warts

    Palmer and Plantar Warts

    What do plantar warts and palmer warts look like? Is there a cure?

    What Causes Skin Warts?

    The culprit? A common virus that infects the top layer of skin.

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    Which wart treatment works best for you?