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    Sleepwalking Symptoms

    Sleepwalking episodes can range from quiet walking about to agitated running or attempts to "escape."

    Other characteristics of sleepwalking include:

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    • A wide, glassy stare as the person quietly roams the house
    • Slow responses to questions; if the sleepwalker is returned to bed without exchanging words, he or she usually won't remember the event upon awakening.
    • Embarassment, especially among older children, who may awaken more easily at the end of an episode

    Sleepwalking is not associated with previous sleep problems, sleeping alone in a room or with others, fear of the dark, or anger outbursts.

    Some studies suggest that children who sleepwalk may have been more restless sleepers when they were ages 4 to 5, and more restless with more frequent awakenings during the first year of life.

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