In Plain Sight: Smelling

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Ahh. Your nose. It allows you to experience all kinds of wonderful smells and it's literally right in front of your face . But we know so little about it. Well, you know so little about it.

I know tons.

And with the help of my director and a tiny camera, I'll show you your nose like you've probably never seen it before.

[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, into the nostril we go. Ooh.

Hairier than you thought, right?

Now before you judge this nose for being a hairy forest, know that everyone has nose hairs and they do the critical job of trapping foreign particles that don't belong there. So thank you, nose hairs.

We're now entering the nasal cavity. It's pretty wet because the nose is lined with mucus to keep it moist. And its mucous membranes also warm incoming air.

Ahh. Let's continue.

On the roof of the nasal cavity is the olfactory epithelium, which contains nearly 40 million special receptors that are sensitive to odor molecules traveling through the air. And these receptors send messages to the brain.

As we go deeper in the nasal cavity, do you see something you recognize?


It's the tongue. But it's the back of the tongue. Bet you've never seen the back of your tongue before.

Hey, tongue. It's me, up here in the nasal cavity.


And that's just a little peek inside the wet and hair wonderland that is your nose. Of all the senses, smell has the strongest ability to evoke memories.

So next time instead of taking a selfie to remember a moment, try taking a smelfie.