Ask The Expert: Dealing With Post-Nasal Drip?

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Post nasal drip is basically just mucus. So with spring allergies you tend to notice-- basically, it's your body's reaction to something foreign. So when you produce a little too much mucus then you start seeing the post nasal drip. And that's when the mucus starts just draining down from your nose to the back of your throat.

People tend to not associate post nasal drip with other things like dry, itchy, scratchy throat, coughing. Those are all symptoms of, actually, post nasal drip. A few different options you can treat post nasal drip with. There's some over-the-counter nasal sprays that you can use, some have medicine in them, some do not. Like a saline spray you can just use to just clear and flush out your sinuses. And there's some steroid nasal sprays you could use also, to just, basically, reduce the inflammation, swelling that's going on in there because of the post nasal drip.

Decongestants also help relieve that pressure, also to relieve the drainage going on. If you've been taking the medicines and you're not noticing any change or relief I would definitely go follow up with the doctor to see if there's something else going on, or you just might need something else.