Ways to Soothe Allergies

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From pollen to pet dander, it's not always possible to avoid allergens. So here are five great ways to manage and soothe your symptoms. Nose spray-- saline nose spray is a great way to avoid allergy symptoms.

Use it to flush irritants directly out of your nose. And steroid nose sprays help reduce inflammation, giving you much needed relief.

Antihistamines can calm symptoms like itching, sneezing, and a runny nose. But they work best if you take them before you start feeling symptoms.

If your eyes are itchy and red from allergies, don't rub them. Try antihistamine eye drops to ease the itch or saline to cleanse them. Wash your face with cold water to remove allergens, and then hold a cold wash cloth to your eyes.

Use a dehumidifier. Set one up in your main living space to really clean the air. Adjusting the humidity level to less than 55% in your home can help with mold and dust mite allergies.

And finally, wash up. You can carry allergens around on clothes, hair, and hands. Washing them regularly will reduce your exposure to irritants that make you feel bad.