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[MUSIC PLAYING] Noah: Long before modern-day pregnancy tests, if a woman wanted to find it if she was pregnant, she took the rabbit test, which was discontinued because women felt weird about peeing on rabbits.

Leah: OK, OK. What he just said is not true. And there are other early signs of pregnancy that don't involve rabbits.

[VOMITING] Other than morning sickness, [TOILET FLUSHING] almost as soon as a woman gets pregnant, there are changes in the breasts.

Noah: That's because the breasts are preparing to feed the baby.

Leah: Those changes may include tenderness, tingling with temperature change, and growing a whole cup size.

Noah: The areolas will darken, and the small glands on the areola's surface become raised and bumpy.

These bumps produce an oily substance that keeps your nipples from cracking or drying out.

Leah: But what's also surprising is that with all this going on, a woman's libido actually increases in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Noah: Yeah, (SINGING) boom, chunk, bop, bop.

Leah: No, it's brown chicken, brown cow.

Anyway, if you've been doing some (SINGING) brown chicken, brown cow (SPEAKING) and have any of these symptoms, you might want to take a pregnancy test.

Noah: Or just pee on a rabbit.

Leah: Stop saying that. Can we get a disclaimer?

Noah: (SINGING) Bom chick a boop beep.

Leah: That is not even close. Not even a little. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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