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Keith A. Eddleman, MD. Director, Maternal-Fetal Medicine - Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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: What's the best way to get in shape after my child is born?

Keith Eddleman, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Well, there are a couple of things. Breast feeding is an excellent way to burn extra calories, and if you breast feed you're going to burn extra calories, so that helps to take some of the weight off, and then getting into a regular exercise regimen. Just the common sensical things that you hear about on TV, that people tell you. Something that's a regular exercise routine. Many woman have stretched abdominal muscles after pregnancy – sit-ups, sit-ups, sit-ups. Those are the things that are going to get your belly back into shape quicker. A cardiovascular conditioning routine, be it walking, treadmill, swimming, anything like that.

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