7 Body Changes to Expect While You're Pregnant

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When you're pregnant, you may notice some weird changes that are actually perfectly normal. Here are 7 weird things that affect some moms-to-be.

Yep, you could grow hair on your face or neck. The extra fuzz should go away about 6 months after you have your baby. Or check with your doctor to see if it's okay to wax, tweeze or shave it.

If you've noticed dark patches on your cheeks, forehead, or nose, you're not turning into a bandit. You're just wearing the "mask of pregnancy," and it's totally common! It usually fades after you deliver.

A nosebleed may seem scary, but most of the time there's no need to worry. Gently squeeze your nose for a few minutes to help it stop. Give your doctor a call if that doesn't work or you get nosebleeds often.

The skin on and around your nipples may get darker or browner. You might also see small bumps on them -- they're just glands that keep your nipples from getting too dry.

If your teeth loosen up on you, blame pregnancy hormones that affect the bones in your mouth. This weird side effect goes away after your baby's born.

Noticed a dark line that goes from your navel to your pubic hair? It's called "linea nigra." Good news -- it tends to fade with time.

Finally, you could get small, loose, flesh-colored growths on your arms or breasts. They're called skin tags, and they're not cancer. If you don't like the way they look, a doctor can remove them for you.

Remember, lots of these weird symptoms and body changes go away or look better after a while. And think of the reward for putting up with them: a happy, adorable bundle of joy.