Pregnancy Milestones Timeline

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Your pregnancy is filled with exciting milestones you can see and feel. Here's a timeline of what you can look forward to.

Early clues that you're pregnant may start to show up in your fourth week. You might miss a period, or your breasts may feel tender. A home pregnancy test can confirm what your body my be telling you.

If you're a first-time mom-to-be, your baby bump could start to show between weeks 12-16. But, if you've been pregnant before, you could show sooner.

Around week 17, you may feel your little one move around. At about week 18, an ultrasound can show you whether you're having a little boy or a girl. Whether you choose to know is up to you.

If you feel something kicking inside you in week 19, it's probably not what you ate for dinner. Your baby typically gets footloose around then, especially if she's not your first child.

As you reach the 2nd half of your pregnancy, you'll start to feel your growing baby moving around more often.

Around week 27, you may get Braxton-Hicks contractions. Those are fake-out labor pains. Unlike real contractions, they usually go away with rest, and they don't get closer together as the minutes tick by.

Your womb reaches its top size by week 37. So you may be feeling extra squeezed for space!

After week 38, you're in the home stretch because due dates are only estimates, your baby could arrive any day now! You'll go into labor and finally meet the little girl or boy who started growing inside you all those months ago.