What You Can and Can't Do in Your Third Trimester

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Question -- Can I enjoy the same foods?

Sure, unless you've been getting heartburn. In that case, skip spicy or acidic foods. And eat 5 smaller meals a day instead of three big ones.

Can I still wear high heels?

Your best bet is to leave them in your closet 'til after the baby's born. They can set off pain in your feet and back and make it harder for you to balance.

What can I do to ease pain in my hips and back?

A support belt that goes under and over your baby bump might help. And when you take a seat, put pillows under your hips.

Can I keep exercising?

Go for it, but your doctor might recommend that you slow down. Ask her if you should change your routine as your due date closes in. Don't work out at a high altitude or in really hot or humid weather. Also, don't exercise on your back -- that can limit the blood flow to your baby.

Some other things to keep in mind -- Get a flu shot if you haven't already. Ask your doctor if it's safe to fly before you book a flight somewhere. And keep on enjoying sex if you feel like it and your doctor says it's OK.

Remember, the third trimester is the homestretch, so keep taking great care of yourself as you get ready to meet your baby!