10 Questions With Actor Sonequa Martin-Green

Medically Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on July 21, 2016
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1. The Walking Dead, Season 6 cliffhanger! Can you tell us if your character Sasha makes it out alive?

[The character] Negan is a psychopath, and everything changes now that he's here. The cast is kept in the dark quite a bit. The finale has been shot. I'm not saying anything else!

2. It must be gratifying to portray a strong, female African-American character who regularly kicks butt.

Oh, yeah! I play a strong woman who is very real and also a very vulnerable, well-rounded human being. Women tell me how it's great for their daughters to see a strong black woman on TV.

3. The show feels so authentic because the cast is not emoting inside a studio -- you're shooting outside. How physically taxing is the role?

This is the most strenuous show I've ever worked on, by far. If you're not taking care of yourself, eating clean and staying hydrated, your body will fail you. It's a lot of cardio, and we're in the elements: running, jumping, diving, while shooting in 100-degree weather and 80% humidity.

4. Do you use a trainer?

I'm actually just starting with a trainer. Weightlifting is such a centered workout. I love lifting. I've done lots of other things in recent years, but weightlifting is a real side passion of mine.

5. Are you a health nut, in a health rut, or do you fall somewhere in between?

I do try to eat lean meats and veggies most of the time, and organic as much as possible. I stay away from dairy, gluten, and sugar as much as possible. I'm a work in progress.

6. Name your ultimate "cheat" food.

I can't get burgers and fries out of my mind! (Laughs.) At this point I eat them maybe three times a month.

7. You've recently become an ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer. Why did you get involved in that effort?

I had to be a part of SU2C. Cancer runs rampant in my family. My mother is a three-time survivor: first colon cancer, then breast, and then a cancer in her stomach. She is a warrior. One of my sisters recently won her battle with breast cancer. So many of my aunts and uncles and my grandparents on both sides have struggled with it.

8. What's the best health advice anyone ever gave you?

One of my best friends is a fitness fanatic, and he taught me the responsibility for caring for your body; it's your most valued possession. He said no matter what success you might amass, if you haven't cared for your body, you have failed.

9. You're married to fellow actor Kenric Green, with a toddler son at home. Is it tough to strike a healthy work/life balance?

Man, it's tough. But I've learned it's a lifelong project. You might have balance in your professional life, or in your family at home. But balance in everything? In yourself? You strive for it your whole life.

10. Describe your perfect day.

It's at the beach. The weather is 85 degrees with a warm wind. I'm with my husband and son, and we're enjoying each other and life, playing in the water and the sand. Then we walk around an interesting neighborhood, get some really good food. Once it's time for the baby to go down, the hubby and I hit the town and have a real good dance party at a reggae club!

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