Along for the Ride: Safety at Amusement Parks

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Stay seated, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle. You'll hear that right before your ride takes off every time.

Amusement parks have good safety records. But there are simple things you can do to prevent injuries.

For starters, follow the rules. If your cell phone fell out of your pocket, let it go. Don't climb fences or sneak under gates to grab it.

If your kid isn't tall enough to ride the superhero monster smasher thriller coaster, find another ride.

In fact, most injuries happen on coasters and other rides that twist and turn. It's usually your back or neck that takes the hit. So face forward. And don't slouch in the seat. And double check your safety restraint.

Be extra careful at traveling carnivals since they move the rides from town to town.

Now, is it OK to put your hands in the air? Serious injuries are rare. But experts say it's smart to hold on and take rest breaks every 20 to 30 minutes.

Finally, tie back your long hair. And make sure your kids stay in their seat-- no moving around. After all, the point is to have fun, not take a trip to the doctor.

For WebMD, I'm Dr. Michael Smith.