Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule for School

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School is starting up again, After weeks of sleeping in and staying up late, how can you get your kids back on a good sleep schedule? First, start now! About 2 weeks before school starts, try moving their wake-up and bedtime by about 10 minutes every day. It's easier to adjust to a gradual change. About an hour before bedtime cut back on activities and give them time to wind down. Create a relaxing bedtime routine, and keep it consistent every night.

Could be soft music, books, or some cuddle time -- whatever works for your family. Make sure their bedroom is ideal for snoozing: it needs to be cool, quiet, and dimly lit. And keep screens out of the bedroom. Tablets, phones, and TVs can disrupt sleep patterns and make for a miserable morning. It will take some homework, but you can have your kids ready to face the first day of school bright eyed and well rested!

For WebMD, I'm Dr. Michael Smith.