Home Remedies for Your Child’s Cold and Cough

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Colds and coughs are so difficult for parents and for kids, because, especially with little ones, they can't blow their nose, and you're just not sure what to do. There are some ways that you can relieve their congestion, and that is to put a cool mist humidifier next to their bed. That mist can actually moisturize their nose and help them feel better.

The other really good method to relieve that congestion, especially for a child who can't blow their nose, is to actually suction. And this is great for babies, so get a nasal suction, take out that mucus, and that will make your baby feel better. Remember, though, if you do it more than four times a day, it can actually irritate the nasal passages, so try to keep it under that. But certainly it can help.

And lastly, if you can steam up the shower and hold your baby inside the bathroom-- not the shower-- that steam can actually clear out her sinuses as well. So those are some ways to help with the congestion. Now if your baby is over a year of age, you can go ahead give them a teaspoon of honey if they have a cough. And that can help with a cough as well, and often works way better than the over-the-counter remedies, which actually aren't even supposed to be used under the age of four.