How Should You Treat Head Lice?

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In terms of treatments for lice, you can be extremely successful using a multitude of remedies.

There's no proven scientific evidence with the mayonnaise, the olive oil, and all of that kind of stuff, but you'll find it everywhere online in terms of treatment.

People have had successes with those things.

Just because there's a lack of proven evidence doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad thing.

There's also prescription treatments in terms of lice.

But those are normally last resort, and often these days are not necessary.

More often what's necessary is to do a re-treatment seven to 10 days after your initial treatment.

These treatments, you have to make sure if you're going through an over-the-counter remedy you want to make sure that you speak to your doctor and the pharmacist to know how to apply it appropriately and what to avoid or not.

Some of the over-the-counter remedies can string the eyes.

Some of them can feel a little burning of the scalp and that kind of thing.

You want to make sure your child's not allergic to any component of these items.

So it's always safest and best to ask your doctor.