How a Doctor Avoids the Flu

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Every year, when flu season hits, people ask how they can avoid getting sick. Well, what I can tell you is how I avoid getting the flu.

First, I get a flu shot every year. That's your best defense.

Second, I watch what I touch. Most people catch the flu by touching something and then touching their face. So after I leave the restroom and washing my hands, I take a paper towel to open doors until I'm back at my office.

Third, I clean my desk area with sanitizing wipes. That keeps my area and my hands germ-free.

Fourth, I keep a healthy immune system by eating right and exercising. Regular exercise will help fight the flu, but you can't just start exercising at the start of flu season for that to work.

And fifth, I rely on others. I can only do so much. For me to stay healthy, I need others to get the flu shot. And if they get sick, to stay home. Don't bring your germs out into the world, and that's how this doctor avoids the flu.

For WebMD, I'm Dr. Michael Smith.