WebMD Statement re: Editorial Integrity

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November 13, 2013

WebMD is a trusted provider of news and information that helps consumers and physicians make informed health and wellness-related decisions for themselves, their practices and families. Providing accurate, independent information is a commitment, a responsibility, and the mission that drives WebMD every day. This commitment has enabled us to become the leading source of health information for consumers and professionals.

Consistent with major newspapers, broadcasters and other respected publishers; WebMD has an editorial organization that produces content in accordance with well-established editorial policies and practices. The strict editorial practices we have in place ensure that the content we produce is unbiased and done so independent of any third party involvement or control.

WebMD also provides advertising and sponsorship opportunities to public and private sector customers that want to reach our consumer or physician audiences. When content appearing on WebMD’s sites is funded through advertising or sponsorship, we disclose that funding.

As the leading source of health information, WebMD has an obligation to help our audiences understand the changing healthcare landscape, which requires us to cover all sides of a given issue. A review of the content across our consumer and professional sites demonstrates as much.

Our Health Care Reform Center reflects WebMD’s steadfast commitment to editorial integrity, education and trust.


David Schlanger                      Dr. Steve Zatz
Chief Executive Officer                      President