WebMD Ignite

WebMD Ignite is the preeminent growth and engagement platform for healthcare organizations from providers to health plans. The WebMD Ignite difference:

  • Largest, most extensible healthcare audience
  • Unparalleled data driving measurable action
  • Broadest, deepest, highest quality patient-oriented clinical content corpus 
  • Industry leading decisioning engine empowering smarter healthcare choices

Combining the reach and influence of WebMD with the acquisition and integration of Healthwise, Krames, Mercury Healthcare, and other key assets, we have assembled a platform that engages and influences people at every touchpoint along their health journey, from Discovery to Recovery.

We serve clients through two main offerings:

  •  Ignite Activation helps healthcare organizations:
    • Acquire the right audience
    • Build loyalty
    • Deliver better experiences
    • Improve organizational performance
    • Establish a recognizable, differentiated, and favorable brand
  • Ignite Education helps healthcare organizations:
    • Improve overall outcomes
    • Reduce the cost of care
    • Enhance understanding
    • Streamline clinician experiences
    • Advance health equity

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