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WebMD is the leading destination for health information for consumers. WebMD’s online offerings include news articles and features, special reports, interactive guides, originally produced videos, self-assessment questionnaires, expert-led Q&As, community forums and reference resources. WebMD’s programming caters to all health-related interests, ranging from disease and condition information to healthy lifestyle-related content.

The depth, breadth and credibility of our content, and also its accessibility, has enabled us to build an enduring relationship with our audience. Behind this success is a substantial team of award-winning writers, editors, and producers, as well as in-house board-certified physicians that review our content for medical accuracy and appropriateness. We do not charge any usage, membership or download fees for access to our public portals or mobile applications.

Our Consumer Network generates revenue primarily through the sale of various types of advertising and sponsorship products. Advertisers and sponsors use our Consumer Network to reach and engage consumers who are interested in healthy living, wellness, diseases and conditions, and other health-related topics. Our advertisers and sponsors include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies; healthcare services companies; and consumer products companies whose products or services relate to health, wellness, diet, fitness, lifestyle, safety and illness prevention.

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