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Medscape is the leading source of clinical news, medical information and point-of-care tools for physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Medscape’s original content includes daily medical news, conference coverage and expert commentary and columns by authors from widely respected clinical and academic institutions. Medscape also provides access to full-text journal articles, reference materials and other medical content, such as a drug reference database and drug interaction checker; clinical reference, treatment and procedure guides; physician, pharmacy and hospital directories; image collections; and quizzes and case challenges.

Medscape Education (Medscape.org) offers thousands of free continuing medical education (C.M.E.) and other educational programs for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We generate revenue from our Professional Network primarily from advertisers and sponsors, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, that desire to reach physicians and other healthcare professionals generally or based on their specific specialties or interests. We also generate revenue through educational grants.

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