Advanced Breast Cancer: Courage, Comfort and Care with Robin Roberts Premieres on WebMD

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NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, WebMD released Advanced Breast Cancer: Courage, Comfort and Care with Robin Roberts, a five-part video series developed in partnership with Roberts and her independent production company, Rock'n Robin Productions. The series dives into the daily coping strategies of women living with advanced breast cancer, plus the families and friends who provide encouragement and support, and includes insights from medical experts leading the charge to combat the disease.

  • WebMD Episode: Breast Cancer in African-Americans
  • WebMD Episode: Finding Support During Treatment
  • WebMD Episode: Finding Support During Treatment
  • WebMD Episode: Reflection and the Road Ahead
  • WebMD Episode: Look to the Future: Clinical Trials

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Over 255,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year, and over 41,000 will die, with metastatic breast cancer being the leading cause of those fatalities.1 Despite these staggering statistics, there are signs of hope. Treatments for metastatic breast cancer are improving, and they continue to help people with the disease live longer and healthier lives.

In this new series, Roberts, whose public struggles with cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) were inspirational for millions of Americans, shines a light on the latest approaches to support and care for women with metastatic breast cancer. She shares the realities of managing and living with this disease through firsthand accounts from researchers, health care professionals, and patients at the forefront.

"WebMD is bringing its viewers into the lives of these patients, creating a much greater, shared sense of empathy. The series demonstrates the power of support, encouragement, and the latest approaches to care, all of which should serve as a message of hope to those battling with this disease. As a breast cancer survivor, I am a true believer of the power of support and understanding, and that's what this series helps to accomplish," said Roberts.

Episode Synopses: Advanced Breast Cancer: Courage, Comfort and Care with Robin Roberts:

"Breast Cancer in African-Americans"
Recent studies have shown the devastating effect that breast cancer has on the African-American community. Roberts speaks with a Philadelphia woman with personal experience who is encouraging more open dialogue and volunteering to mentor others through their breast cancer journey. 

"Finding Support During Treatment"
This episode profiles organizations with strong outreach programs to help patients find the support they need during treatment. In addition to counseling and financial assistance, one organization teams up with local volunteers who provide a ride -- and a friendly, familiar companion -- to and from treatment sessions.  

"Look to the Future: Clinical Trials"
One active mother speaks about her journey with breast cancer as she follows the process of finding and participating in a clinical trial. The episode offers viewers an inside look at this crucial but commonly misunderstood part of advanced cancer research.

"No One Walks Alone: New Ideas in Palliative Care"
Alongside advancements in treatment, the concept of palliative care is evolving to better support cancer patients' minds, bodies, and spirits. Roberts speaks with palliative care experts to learn how they go beyond the clinical and drug-based therapies to address the entire well-being of the patient. 

"Reflection and the Road Ahead"
Many diagnosed with advanced breast cancer say they feel overlooked. Roberts introduces viewers to a New England patient, Susan Rosen, who knows her breast cancer is incurable. Still, she is determined to live with an outlook that radiates positivity and savor the time she spends with her husband and children.

"Our goal is for the deeply personal stories shared in this series to provide not only information but also comfort and support to the millions of people affected by advanced breast cancer," said Kristy Hammam, WebMD editor in chief. "This series goes far beyond the basics of the disease to focus on the sources of community, strength, and resiliency demonstrated on a daily basis by patients, friends and families, community advocates, and health care professionals."    

WebMD and Roberts first partnered to develop original video programming with a focus on health and wellness-related topics in early 2015. The first collaboration between WebMD and Rock'n Robin Productions, Future of Health with Robin Roberts, which featured promising medical advances and powerful human interest stories, won a New York Press Club Award for Feature Reporting in the Science Medicine Technology category. Additional programming includes Path to a Breakthrough, which focused on advances in precision medicine, immunotherapy, and biologics; The Cutting Edge of Cancer, which explored the most promising medical innovations in cancer prevention and treatment; and Moving Beyond Migraine, which explores stories of people suffering the personal and professional effects of migraine.

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1 Source: American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures 2017.

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