WebMD Health Services Earns NCQA Accreditations, Certification Recognizes Highest Quality Standards for Health Information and Services

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Portland, OR, April 23, 2018 -- WebMD Health Services, a subsidiary of WebMD Health Corp., has earned two industry-leading accreditations for its well-being and disease management programs and a certification for its health information products from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

The NCQA accreditation seal is a widely recognized symbol of quality, and organizations that earn it have passed a rigorous, comprehensive review.

The WebMD Health Services accreditations and certification include:

  • The Wellness and Health Promotion Accreditation (WHP), which evaluates WebMD Health Services’ employer and health plan well-being programs and their effectiveness at improving healthy behaviors
  • The Patient and Practitioner-Oriented Disease Management Accreditation (DM), which evaluates WebMD Health Services’ chronic disease condition management programs for asthma, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and diabetes
  • The Health Information Product (HIP): Support for Healthy Living Certification, which demonstrates that WebMD Health Services has expertise in gathering and disseminating health care information for health plan members

“The NCQA Accreditation reflects WebMD Health Services’ commitment to delivering well-being solutions and innovations that make a measurable difference for our customers and their employees and health plan participants,” said Ben Slocum, CEO of WebMD Health Services. “NCQA is the gold standard in health care quality accreditation, and by securing it across all of our key program areas, we give our customers the added assurance that our solutions are best in class, and effective at creating healthy workplaces.”

WebMD Health Services has consistently maintained the level of quality sought by the NCQA since seeking its first Certifications for Health Information Products, Health Appraisals, and Self-Management Tools in 2012; and expanded this commitment by adding Wellness and Health Promotion Accreditation in 2014, and Disease Management Patient-Oriented Accreditation in 2015.

“Our commitment to maintaining our NCQA accreditations and certifications validates our focus on clinically rigorous solutions that work, and they also offer our customers added value by demonstrating their organizations’ commitment to quality as well,” said Michael C. Sokol, MD, MS, chief medical officer of WebMD Health Services. “Our health plan customers, for instance, can leverage our accreditations to significantly streamline their standards-review process for their own NCQA accreditations. It communicates not only our quality standards, but theirs.”

“NCQA’s Wellness & Health Promotion Accreditation requires organizations to demonstrate their compliance with well-defined standards and quality measures,” said Margaret E. O’Kane, NCQA president. “The NCQA seal will provide employers and consumers with the information they need to choose the best program in their markets.”

About NCQA

NCQA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality.

NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s website ( contains information to help consumers, employers, and others make more informed health care choices.

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