WebMD Health Services Launches WebMD ONE, A New ‘Person-First’ Well-Being Solution for Employers and Health Plans

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Portland, OR, March 5, 2019:WebMD Health Services today announced the launch of WebMD ONE, an innovation-driven digital solution that reimagines workforce well-being by delivering a “Person-First” experience designed to deliver motivating recommendations, resources and content based on individual priorities and preferences.

Developed to address long-standing gaps in engagement and inconsistent results regarding the impact of workplace well-being on overall health improvement, WebMD ONE was driven by extensive consumer testing, focus group studies and the strategic input of WebMD’s client base.  

The result is an innovative well-being experience that gives each person the power to choose the activities, goals and engagement most meaningful to them.  With WebMD ONE, people can interact with a program of integrated or relevant solutions and services on their own terms, with the choice, control and enjoyment they expect from their favorite digital experiences. 

“So many well-being programs treat everyone the same, with an overwhelming prescribed set of wellness activities to choose from,” said John Harrison, WebMD Health Services General Manager.  “Instead of measuring a program’s success on the experience and value to individual participants, they base it on business-specific metrics and goals.  We believe this approach isn’t working for individuals.  WebMD ONE focuses on People First, prioritizing meaningful engagement and health improvement.  From this, strong results follow.”

Prioritizing Preference, Choice and Connection

WebMD ONE focuses on choice, individual priorities and personal program and engagement preferences.Through a single point-of-access to all resources, WebMD ONE offers products and services created from the perspective of the people using them. It gives people the power to connect and interact through a variety of channels – text, email, phone call, mobile or desktop – and incorporates data from popular apps and wearables that people are already using to improve and personalize the experience.

In addition to building on WebMD Health Services’ existing solutions and services, including health assessments, telephonic and digital coaching, Digital Health Assistant, Wellness Challenges, Rewards, and Personal Health Record, the platform also features:

  • A streamlined onboarding process recognizing interests or health conditions individuals want to work on
  • Recommended next steps based on data collected from interactions, claims data and device and app integrations
  • A "What I'm Working on Section" motivating individuals to stay on track with their goals
  • Pulse Surveys collecting insights from individuals about their needs, habits and overall satisfaction
  • Relevant content and recommendations from WebMD, the leading source of trusted health and well-being information.


Strong Engagement

Initial results from WebMD ONE have seen increases in average monthly user site visits as well as increases in the number of people who visited the site on average six to ten times per month compared to the previous solution.  

User feedback has focused on ease of use, streamlined navigation, more personalized programs and services and a greater ability to focus on what is important to them. 

“Ask a person about his or her well-being goals and chances are pretty slim that ROI, productivity improvement or ‘seamless integration of multiple vendor partners’ will appear anywhere close to the top of the list,” said Harrison. “Of course, those metrics are important. They hold us accountable to our clients and define the business value of a well-being program. But the No. 1 priority should be the relevancy of the program to employees and health plan members, and how well those program experiences help them achieve their well-being goals.”

About WebMD Health Services 

WebMD Health Services has over 17 years of experience driving positive behavior changes. Consumers trust WebMD for reliable, accurate, and clear answers to their most pressing health-related questions. At WebMD Health Services, we tap into these valuable consumer insights to design and implement successful, engaging solutions to help individuals meet their well-being needs. We understand that there are numerous paths to reach well-being goals. Our expertise, combined with a variety of third-party partner integrations, enables us to deliver unique and personalized experiences across a wide range of industries. See how we support these diverse populations at webmdhealthservices.com.

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