The Dirt on Your Kitchen Sponge

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Did you know millions of bacteria can live on your kitchen sponge, even when you clean it regularly? Still, it's a good idea to clean it every day you use it. Wet a sponge and nuke it in the microwave for one minute. Or drop it in the dishwasher with the drying cycle. Either method kills about 60% of the bacteria on it.

Keep sponges dry, too. Bacteria love damp ones. So wring them out each time you use them, and store them somewhere airy. Also replace your sponge every week. Throw it out right away if it starts to smell.

Next, avoid making mistakes that could spread bacteria. Don't use a sponge to wipe up juices from meat, and don't use them to clean counter tops. Use paper towels or disinfectant wipes instead.