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Hi, everybody. I love to challenge myself with recipes that are new and even really hard to make. That's part of the fun, for me. But some simple stuff just never goes out of style.

On this episode, I'll show you how to do both-- take a classic lunch and make it healthy, fancy, and fun. Get ready for AB&J Sushi Rolls.

Hi, again! I'm here with my friend Nina. And I want to ask you all a question-- who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich?


PB&J is one of my favorites too, of course. But this recipe's a way to jazz it up. Now here's a question for you, Nina. Does a sandwich have to be on two boring pieces of bread?


That's right! And that's why my recipe is a lot more fun.


So what you do is you take one whole slice of whole-grain bread. Whole grains are great, because they're full of fiber. You lay it on the cutting board and remove the crust. Remember, if you use a knife, you have to have a grown-up helping you.

Just take it right off the sides. Good job. Awesome.

Then, you take your rolling pin, and you flatten it, just like this. Perfect. She's a professional. Each slice of bread will make about one serving.

The next improvement is that I like to turn the P into an A. All-natural peanut butter can be great for you-- full protein, and lots of good, healthy fat. But almond butter is even better, because it has more fiber and less saturated fat.

As for the J, you can use any kind of 100%-fruit jam-- strawberry, raspberry, grape jelly, orange marmalade-- whatever you like. The key is to make sure, whatever jam or jelly you choose, that it has no added sugar. It'll say so right on the label.

So we're going to take our piece of flattened bread. And then we're going to take some almond butter, and we're going to spread a thin layer right over the bread, just like this. And this also acts as a glue for the jellies, so that it'll all stick on there.

Doesn't this look yummy?


Can you smell the almonds?



So, next, you're going to spread your jam right on top of that. I'm going to use raspberry jam. Here you go. What type of jam do you want to use?


OK. Here you go. So, just spread it right on top. Now, you don't want to use too much, because what we're about to do next can be a little gooey and messy, if you're not too careful. So just spread it right on, just like that. OK.

So, here it goes. So you're going to slowly roll the bread up, like a sushi roll. So, once you have a nice roll, you cut the bread into four bite-size pieces, using a serrated knife-- carefully, of course, and with the help of a grown-up. Just like this.

And there you have some delicious AB&J sushi rolls. So let me show you what goes great with this. You can use either sliced apples or carrot coins or sugar snaps. Anything fresh and crispy is awesome. Plus, you can serve some extra almond butter on the side, for dipping.

What do you think?

It looks great.

Yeah, I'm excited. I hope you enjoy it, as well. Thanks for joining me in the kitchen. Bye!

Good. Taste that. Mmm! What do you think?


Want anything? Yeah. Gotta take a piece of carrot. Mmm. So good.