Banana Breakfast Bash

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Hi, everybody. Chef Lizzie, here. Because we're kids, it's really important that we start the day with a healthy breakfast. I mean, just like our parents, we're busy, too, right?

On this episode, I want to show you how to make a delicious, do-it-yourself breakfast that's really quick and easy. I call it the Banana Breakfast Bash. We're about to make one of the tastiest and healthiest smoothies you've ever had. It also has a few surprises, but you're just going to have to trust me.

OK. So, Banana Breakfast Bash starts off, of course, with a banana! You want to choose one that's nice and ripe. [GRUNT] Tough one. You're going to peel it. And then you're going to break it up into three or four pieces, then drop it into the blender.

Now, in many people's smoothies, the next step might be to add some ice cream or frozen yogurt. But I like to make mine healthier by adding some unexpected things that create the same texture and richness that the naughty stuff does.

First, I use one ripe avocado. Peel it, remove the pit, and drop it in there. I know, I know-- avocados, for breakfast? In a fruity drink?

I know it may sound weird, but, like I said, trust me. It's yummy, and you won't even notice it. Plus, it adds a fun green color. You'll love it.

The next step is to add 8 to 10 ounces of milk. Nonfat milk is great. Personally, I like to use a nondairy milk-- oh, almond or soy milk. We've got soy milk, here, today.

I did this mainly because we have some dairy allergies in my family. But all these kinds of milk taste good and will bring a slightly different accent to the table.

Finally, we sweeten it up just a little bit. Take about two tablespoons of raw, organic sugar or honey. A touch of the sugar accents the flavor, like salt accents food flavors.

You can also be creative, too. Maybe add pieces of your other favorite fruits, for flavor variety. Also play with colors. That's fun.

Don't forget to put the cover on top of your blender, so you don't make a milky banana mess go all over the place.

Oh, no!

And also remember that you should have a grown-up supervising you when you use anything in the kitchen, like electric machines or sharp blades. Now we're going to blend all the ingredients together. It takes about 15 to 25 seconds to totally blend.

When it looks nice and creamy, pour your smoothie into a glass. This recipe will make about two servings. Then, it's time to start your day off with a Bash.

It only takes about five minutes to get from the fridge to your glass. Yum. Thanks for joining me in the kitchen. I'll see you next time on FIT.