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Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein, Medical Officer, Clinilabs Served as advisor to FDA Cardiovascular and Renal Drug Advisory Committee Author: Before It Happens to You: A Breakthrough Program for Reversing or Preventing Heart Disease

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Jonathan Sackner Bernstein, MD Cardiologist: The problem with cigarette smoking, tobacco use really in any format, but largely cigarette smoking is what we're talking about when we're talking about this risk factor, is massive for this society, and I think that's become much more apparent to everyone over the last couple of decades. If there were one thing I could do that would make me believe that I had just the maximum possible impact as a person it would be if I could figure out how to get people to stop smoking because that to me is the one factor that epidemiologically would show me that it would have the greatest impact on health and well being. Now of course a lot of people might not like what it would do to their retirement accounts because of their investments, but by the same token, it really would be intervention that I think would have the greatest impact.