Diet or Exercise for Heart Health?

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Dr. Ileana Pina
I go through this every day in my head, because I’ve got a plate of food in front of me, and is that a wise choice I’m making and I think I try to balance it on a day that I can’t exercise. So the day that I overdo the food, then the next day I try to really get the workout in. So I think it’s a matter of balance. They’re both important. And I can’t say that one is more important than the other, but when you’re bad one day don’t punish yourself get out there and do some activity and then remedy it the next day. I think some, especially women, get very disgusted with themselves because I can’t adhere to my diet, I can’t do this. And rather say, ok so I messed up today, I’m getting right back on the horse tomorrow and doing it right.