CDC Releases New HIV Statistics

Less Than 1% of U.S. Adults Younger than 50 Have HIV, New HIV Prevalence Statistics Show

Medically Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on January 29, 2008
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Jan. 29, 2008 -- The CDC today reported that about one-half of 1% of U.S. adults younger than 50 have HIV.

The CDC's HIV prevalence statistics are based on nearly 12,000 adults aged 18-49 who took part in national health studies from 1999 to 2006.

Participants were interviewed and provided blood samples; 0.47% had HIV infection. That's similar to findings from a 1988-1994 survey, states a CDC news release.

HIV infection was more common among men than women, and among African-Americans than whites or Mexican-Americans.

About 2.6% of African-American men and 1.5% of African-American women were HIV positive.

The data don't show how people contracted HIV.

The findings appear in January's edition of the CDC's NCHS Data Brief.