This Mom of 5 Donated Her Uterus

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I felt confident that this was the right choice for my body and my family and potentially the right choice for someone else, but it is crazy.

A lot of people, even post surgery, didn't understand that it literally went from my body into another body. It's no different than any other organ donation.

We did exchange letters, and we have something in common. She's an adoptive mom, and I am also an adoptive mom.

There's a lot of PTSD within fertility. There's a loss of self, a loss of what you think your body should be doing and what it cannot do. Since not having a uterus, there has been a huge weight lifted off of me. I didn't realize how much it was tied to my emotional health. And I also feel a little bit of empowerment that something that made me feel so low is changing someone else's life.

I understand that it's changing history, but it wasn't a motivation for me. It was really to try to relieve some of the emotional pain that someone else with infertility was going through.